Providing Survivors of Institutional Abuse and Conversion therapy free therapeutic, vocational and legal support. 

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Institutionalized youth, specifically those who underwent conversion therapy, often leave institutions in worse condition than they went in. Instead of receiving care, these youth are traumatized, abused and neglected. GLBT youth are 4x as likely to commit suicide as their peers, and those that undergo Conversion Therapy are 6x more likely. To date, there is no support for this population, and they need care. Over 3,000 institutions have been named as abusive, this year alone. This population includes survivors of religious cults, privatized "teen rehabs" and conversion therapy clinics. 

All survivors of institutional abuse are encouraged to reach out and receive help. Our mission is to reach as many survivors as we can, and provide services at no charge. By providing trained and competent counselors and lawyers for survivors of these horrific places, we hope reroute the adolescent's trajectory. Instead of being a statistic, we can help you lead a healthy and functional lifestyle, instead of succumbing to the trauma endured. Youth have human rights, and we are here to advocate for you. 

What We Do

UnBroken is a software based concept that will work with survivors of the Troubled Teen Industry and Institutional Abuse/Conversion Therapy. We will provide trained therapists and lawyers, nationally, to work pro bono with traumatized survivors. We are here to show you that they cannot break you.

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