Samantha Irene, Founder

Samantha Irene, CEO UnBroken, Clinical Social Worker Los Angeles

CEO of UnBroken

        Samantha Irene is a Clinical Social Worker (LMSW/ACSW) based in Los Angeles, CA. She identifies as a Survivor of Institutional Abuse and Conversion Therapy. She has been recognized by several articles for her work with this population, and most recently selected as a finalist for Forbes 30 under 30. Samantha works as an outpatient Mental Health Therapist by day, and as an advocate/activist by night. Samantha's dream is to put an end to this epidemic.


Elizabeth Russo, Co-Founder

Elizabeth Russo, COO UnBroken, law

 COO of UnBroken

       Elizabeth Russo (Lizzy) has an MS in Clinical Psychology, and is currently finishing her law degree. After obtaining her Master's from Columbia University, Lizzy realized that this population needs more than just psychological care. Lizzy plans to use her law degree to work with survivors nationwide. Lizzy has been recognized as the 2018 Women's Lawyer Association/Inner City Law Center Fellow. By day, Lizzy attends Loyola Law School and works with the US Attorney's office, and by night, is a legal advocate for survivors nationwide. 

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Alice Kremelberg

Alice Kremelberg, UnBroken Board of Directors, Troubled Teen Industry Help

Alice Kremelberg is an actor born in New York. She is recurring as ‘Nicole Eckelcamp’ on the new season of ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK now showing on Netflix.  Alice found her love for the stage early, dancing alongside The New York City Ballet.  On stage she originated the role of ‘Reba’ in Ruby Rae Spiegel's breakout play DRY LAND (Colt Coeur, NYSAF, HERE).  Inspired by many forms of art and connection, she continues to let her curiosity drive her.

Contact info: 

IG @alicekremelberg

Email: alice@unbroken-survivos.com

Emily Little

Emily Little, UnBroken Board of Directors, Troubled Teen Industry Help

 Emily graduated Cum Laude from San Francisco State University with a bachelors degree in Communicative Disorders. She has worked in elementary school settings, teaching children with special needs, and is an advocate for adaptive learning. Emily was placed in a residential treatment center as an adolescent and identifies as a survivor of Institutional Abuse. She is determined to address the national crisis of the Troubled Teen industry, through supporting other victims of institutional abuse.

Contact info: 


Email: emily@unbroken-survivors.com

Jen Robison

Jen Robison, Board of Directors for UnBroken, Troubled Teen Industry Survivors

  Jen Robison is a visual artist and photographer born in Los Angeles, CA. After training in and studying Applied Behavior Analysis, she worked closely with children with special needs as a behavioral therapist and program coordinator. She later worked with disabled and hospice patients as a home caregiver.  In 2015 she dedicated herself to her creative work. Her art has shown at H Gallery in Ventura, CA, exhibitions with the Nampa Art Collective, and in art festivals in the Northwestern United States. In 2018 she opened JR Boudoir Photography, directing her photographic skills toward promoting body positivity and healthy sexuality.

Jen is herself a survivor of institutional abuse, having been held in RTCs for three years of her adolescence. She has since been an advocate for teen rights and determined to help change the troubled teen industry.

Contact info:

Email: jen.c.robison@gmail.com

JC Mounduix

JC Mounduix, UnBroken Board of Directors, Troubled Teen Industry Help

 Although JC was raised in Miami, he never went to school on US territory. JC struggled with being both short and gay throughout his life, but that never quieted him down. From a young age he was outspoken, dealing with bullies and standing up for himself. During his last year of high school, JC moved to Miami, indefinitely. He then worked on his English and got accepted to several universities. Although he made it into US college, this time was very rough for him because he had to deal with his parents and his sexuality. He managed to graduate with an international business degree, but quickly realized he wanted to do something different than the standard 9-5. He began working for an event planning/dancing company where he started traveling the world, dancing at festivals. After 3 years, JC was ready for something bigger, and found himself in LA and cast on Big Brother. JC is a reality star and advocate for the GLBTQ community.  

Contact info:

Email: mounduix@unbroken-survivors.com

Cydnia (Cyd) Jackson

Cydnia Cyd Jackson, UnBroken Board of Directors, Troubled Teen Industry Help

 Cyd is a compassionate, clinical social worker dedicated to recognizing the inherent worth and dignity of all people from different cultures and backgrounds. She attended Howard University in Washington, D.C. and received her Bachelor of Arts in Administration of Justice. Upon graduating from college, she commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Army. Over the course of eight years in military human resources, her experience focused on leading, training, coaching, and guiding both soldiers and civilian employees in a fast-paced work environment. It was her platform as an Army leader that shaped her into a strategic thinker and problem-solver who uses social innovation to find solutions to complex issues. In 2017, Cyd resigned her commission as an active duty Army Captain and focused her efforts on successfully completing her Master of Social Work practicum at the Center for Child and Family Services in Williamsburg, VA. In summer 2018, she received her Master of Social Work degree from the Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work at the University of Southern California. Cyd currently resides in Newport News, VA and is working on launching her non-profit organization “Heart Work,” blog, and podcast. She enjoys singing, baking, traveling the world, and serving as a missionary in Haiti. 

Contact Info:  Instagram: @Cydstarr1  Email: cydnia@unbroken-survivors.com

Unofficial Advisors and Staff

 Unofficial Advisors will be available for questions as needed. Please email founder@unbroken-survivors.com to contact an advisor.

Unofficial Advisors

Phoenix Schneider

Rev. Kelby Harrison

Steve Coe

Sam Brinton

Robert Hanson 


Samantha Irene: Head of Consultancy/CEO

Emily Little: Head of Vocation

Melody Weiss: Business Manager

Jen Robison: Graphic Designer